Improving competence of State Audit

(VOVworld)-On Wednesday, NA deputies discussed a report by the State Audit agency’s performances in the 13th NA tenure.
Improving competence of State Audit - ảnh 1
The 45th session of the 13th NA Standing Committee

They stressed the need to improve the competence of the State Audit and asked for further coordination between the National Assembly and government in response to the State Audit’s proposal. The deputies discussed preparations for the 11th session of the 13th NA to be held on March 21, reviewed the performance of the NA, NA agencies, the State President, and the Prime Minister in the 2011-2016 term. The deputies praised the Prime Minister and the government’s efforts in realizing Party guidelines and implementing the Constitution and Law, as well as fulfilling their tasks to ensure socio-economic development, control inflation, stabilize the macro economy, maintain social security, national defense, expand external relations, improve competitiveness, and enhance international integration.

At the session, the deputies will spend three days fine-tuning the leadership apparatus.