International efforts to end conflict between Israel and Gaza Strip

(VOVworld) - International community continue joint efforts to end conflicts between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza Strip that have recently claimed the lives of about 20 people and injured more than 120 others.
International efforts to end conflict between Israel and Gaza Strip - ảnh 1
President Vladimir Putin ((Photo: REUTERS/ Baz Ratner))

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about tension in the Gaza strip. Putin called on opposing sides of the conflict to restrain and do everything possible to restore peace in the region. The US President and his Egypt counterpart, the US Secretary of State and her Egypt counterpart also held talks on the issue. A spokesperson for the US Department of State Mark Toner said that Washington is urging Cairo to use its influence in the region to reduce tension there. French President Francois Hollande began negotiations with PM Netanyahu and other world leaders to avoid the escalation of violence in the Gaza. French PM Jean Francois Ayrault who is paying an official visit to Germany said it’s time to prevent the escalation of violence that is causing danger for Israel’s security and Palestinians. Earlier, British David Cameron also phoned Mr. Netanyahu and expressed worry about the violent situation there. Middle East special envoy Tony Blair called on Hamas movement to stop rocketing to Israel adding that the more the attacks continue, the more the Jewish state will retaliate for defense. Both the US and UK said that Hamas should be responsible for the crisis due to firing rockets at Israel.