Israeli band to perform for free in Hanoi

(VOVWORLD) -The techno-pop-rock band Gute Gute from Israel will 'salute' crowds in the capital at a free-entrance show titled The Israeli Dream Beat at the August Revolution Square in Hanoi on Thursday.
Israeli band to perform for free in Hanoi - ảnh 1The techno-pop-rock band Gute Gute of Israel (Source:
The band then will perform at the Hue Festival 2022.
Over the last few years, quintet Gute Gute has quietly become one of Israel’s foremost live musical acts, blending youthful exuberance, diverse influences and forward-thinking musicality into a ferocious, post-genre experience that commands attention.
The band’s music is a mash-up of Israeli, Balkan, Mediterranean and electro-dance music influences, with a healthy dose of good-old-fashioned songwriting.
In Hanoi, the band will perform 12 songs, including hits such as The Song of the Sun, Crawlin’ Out and Nana. The show is promised to set the capital city’s crowd on constant explosion with a “strange” but melodic style. The night also has the performance of Bao Tram Idol, Cannes Dance Group and Maius Lady Orchestra.
The Israeli Dream Beat is organised by the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.The show will serve as a music and cultural exchange for the two countries’ artists.