NA debates amendments to Constitution and PIT

(VOVworld)- National Assembly deputies on Thursday discussed the revised 1992 Constitution and the draft on collecting public opinions on changes to the 1992 Constitution. The revised Constitution affirmed that the Party’s leadership to the State and society has been recognized by the people and the National Assembly and stipulated in the Constitution. The Vietnamese State is the legitimate Socialist State of the people, by the people and for the people. The revision of the Constitution aims to further promote the human rights and the freedom of religion and belief and continue fine tuning the socialist oriented market economy with the State sector playing the central role. Empowering the State President is also one of the main amendments to the 1992 Constitution. Accordingly, the President is responsible for the people’s armed forces and the President of the National Defense and Security Council. Trieu La Pham, a deputy in Ha Giang province says that the revision of the Constitution needs to highlight the role of national sea and islands. "I propose that the National Assembly adds one more article stipulating the sea and island resources because Vietnam is a coastal country having rich and diverse resources which can be tapped to develop several important sectors thus contributing to the national economy. The Constitution and Law need to ensure an effective exploitation in the sea economic zone and environmental protection and prioritize economic development in combination with national defense and national sovereignty over the sea and islands", said Mr. Pham.

The revision of the 1992 Constitution will be made available for public comments and will be completed for the National Assembly’s approval at its 6th session to be held in October next year.

The same day, the deputies discussed changes to the Law on Personal Income Tax. They agreed to raise the taxable income from 4 million to 9 million VND and the deduction of family circumstances from 1.6 million to 3.6 million VND. The deputies agreed with the government’s proposal to make the Law effective as from July next year.

The National Assembly approved a resolution on Budget allocation for next year and a resolution on the National Assembly’s Supervision Program.