NA deputies discuss the revised Law on Governmental Organization

NA deputies discuss the revised Law on Governmental Organization - ảnh 1
(VOVworld) - National Assembly deputies discussed the revised law on governmental organization on Friday. They agreed on the necessity of the amendments to fix irregularities and improve innovation and flexibility in government management. They said the amendments must reflect principles of the 2013 Constitution and clearly defined decentralization in local governmental levels.
Earlier, they heard NA Law Committee Chairman Phan Trung Ly present reports on deputies’ opinions regarding the amended Civil Aviation Law. The reports said amendments should include the state’s stipulation of aviation services and several essential non-aviation services to keep enterprises from using their monopoly to increase service prices, especially for essential non-aviation services. Other service and commodity prices will be set by businesses under the market mechanism with advance public notice. The state management, through business oversight and monitoring activities, will ensure the legitimate rights of enterprises and consumers.
During the Friday morning session, lawmakers voted to approve the amended Civil Aviation Law and debated the revised Law on Military Service.