NA Standing Committee session closes

(VOVworld)-The National Assembly Chairman has lauded the first-ever Q&A session held within the framework of a National Assembly Standing Committee meeting. Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung told the just-concluded National Assembly Standing Committee session that the question time involving the Health Minister and the Minister of Home Affairs is a major step in the process of improving the performance of the top legislative body: “The Q&A session provides an opportunity for the people to monitor the operations of the National Assembly and the Government. We should create a transparent and democratic channel linking the National Assembly and the public”. 

NA Standing Committee session closes - ảnh 1
The Q&A session on March 26. Source:


Standing Committee members discussed preparations for the upcoming National Assembly session and amendments to the 1992 Constitution. They agreed on the initiative to hold annual confidence vote for the President, the Prime Minister, the National Assembly Chairman and other leaders elected by the National Assembly.