NA Standing Committee wraps up 10th meeting

NA Standing Committee wraps up 10th meeting - ảnh 1

(VOVworld) - The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Wednesday questioned Chief Government Inspector Huynh Phong Tranh about the settlement of complaints and denunciations, the fight against corruption and inspections on the management of state corporations. The Chief Inspector said that as a result of the inspection, 5 state corporations were found to be making a loss of nearly 190 million USD, of which 100 million has been reclaimed. Tranh said that the Government Inspectorate had also handed over 3 suspected cases to the police. The Chief Inspector also outlined solutions to improve the efficiency of settlements relating to complains and denunciations and the fight against corruption.

In his address, the National Assembly’s Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu praised the openness and frankness of the Q&A session. He asked the Inspection sector and the Chief Inspector to strictly carry out the Party’s and National Assembly’s resolutions on anti corruption and the settlement of complaints and denunciations. After the Q&A session, the National Assembly’s Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung brought the Standing Committee’s 10th session to a close. Chairman Hung said that the session discussed law building work and 10 draft laws. The Committee also commented on diplomatic protocol, emulation titles, national mourning ceremonies in case of disasters, and organizational structures of Court and Inspection sectors: "We spent more than 1 day to question the Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Governor of the State Bank and Chief Government Inspector. Issues raised were on time and appropriate. We have achieved our targets. I urge the National Assembly Standing Committee to issue a conclusion on supervisory work."

NA Chairman Hung called on relevant agencies to prepare well for the 2nd session of the NA Standing Committee ahead of the NA's 4th session by the end of this year.