National Assembly discusses revisions to Penal Code

National Assembly discusses revisions to Penal Code - ảnh 1
(VOVworld) – On Friday National Assembly deputies continued discussing the revised Penal Code. Most deputies agreed that the revisions reflect the government’s intended judicial reforms: reducing death sentences for certain crimes, increasing fines and corrections outside prison, decriminalizing some acts, and criminalizing others. Nguyen Lam is a deputy for Lang Son province: "I propose adding a regulation on crimes related to the production, trading, and use of poisonous and forbidden substances in cultivation, husbandry, food processing, and preservation. This should be treated as seriously as criminal production and trading of counterfeit food and beverages. This regulation is necessary to protect and promote the national production industry during international integration."
A report by the Ministry of Justice indicates that approximately 7 million public opinions to the revised Penal Code have been collected.