National high school graduation exam begins

(VOVWORLD) -On Wednesday morning, 1.24 million students across the country took the first part of  the 2023 high school graduation exam. 

National high school graduation exam begins - ảnh 1Viet Duc High School's exam site in Hanoi (Photo: VOV)

In recent days, local education departments have organized activities to support the examinees, especially in  mountain areas. Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son said: “It is necessary to have a backup plan in cases of a natural disaster, storm, flood, or severe weather. More important is to support examinees from the mountains and other remote areas.”

In Hanoi, 6,000 volunteers have been deployed to support more than 100,000 candidates at 189 exam sites.

Tran Nam Huan, a volunteer student at Viet Duc High School's exam site, said: “During the two-day exam, we are present at the test site from 6am to help the students as much as possible. We encourage them to do their best and give them small gifts such as bottles of water, or breakfast to make them comfortable and confident to do their best in their exams.”