Nearly 1 million high school students sit graduation exams

(VOVWORLD) - Nearly one million Vietnamese high-school graders began their special graduation exams on Wednesday amid the COVID-19 threats in many cities and provinces nationwide.

Nearly 1 million high school students sit graduation exams - ảnh 1Minister Nguyen Kim Son inspects exam preparations in Chu Van An High-School in Hanoi

Security and COVID-19 prevention measures have been tightened at all exam councils to ensure the two-day exams take place in a safe manner.

All candidates were required to strictly follow COVID-19 guidelines such as having their body temperature checked, washing hands with sanitizer, donning a face mask and maintaining a safe distance before entering the exam room.

Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son on Wednesday made a fact-finding trip to Chu Van An High-School in Hanoi to inspect COVID-19 prevention and encourage the candidates before their literature test.

Nearly 1 million high school students sit graduation exams - ảnh 2Candidates are required to wash their hands as part of COVID-19 prevention measures before entering the exam room.

This year’s graduation exams are described as special because the fresh coronavirus has spread to 55 out of 63 cities and provinces across the country.

With the virus being brought under control in the north, the epicenter of the outbreak has shifted to the south. Ho Chi Minh City is currently the largest coronavirus hotspot in Vietnam, recording nearly 1,000 new cases on a daily basis.

The exams will be divided into two phases, with the first taking place on Wednesday and Thursday. The second phase will be for students who have been infected with the virus, those who are in direct and indirect contact with sources of infection, and those in quarantine or lockdown areas.