Nguyen Dynasty artifacts showcased in Hue

(VOVworld)-More than 60 precious artifacts of the Nguyen dynasty are on display at the Hue Royal Antiques Museum. The artifacts, made of gold, silver, gemstones and tortoise shells, are part of a collection of 2,500 items preserved by the Vietnam Museum of National History.

Nguyen Dynasty artifacts showcased in Hue - ảnh 1

The most valuable and important items include royal seals made of pure gold, jade seals, swords, the king’s headwear and mandarin badges. The exhibition also displays objects used in royal worship and rituals, like candle holders, fruit trays, and aloe wood burner. Visitors to the exhibition can also get glimpses of daily life in the court through other items like diner and tea sets, and betel nut sets. The exhibition will run until early January, 2017.