Over 300 antiques, artworks go under hammer in France

(VOVWORLD) -French auction house Millon on Monday placed over 300 artefacts and artworks originated from or related to Vietnam under the hammer. 

Over 300 antiques, artworks go under hammer in France - ảnh 1King Minh Mang's 10-kg gold seal (Photo: Millon)

Of the total, there are nearly 100 antiques which are vases, bowls, porcelain plates, bottles, incense burners and bronze statues dating from the 18th and 19th centuries; more than 150 artworks of silk and oil paintings, and lacquers by famous late painters such as Bui Xuan Phai, Nguyen Sang, Le Pho and Mai Trung Thu; and about 50 carved items.

Many precious antiques of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802–1945) such as orders, medals, badges and coins were also put up for auction this time, including King Minh Mang's 10-kg gold seal and a gold bowl of King Khai Dinh’s reign.

The rare bowl was bought for 680,000 EUR (673,100 USD), while the seal had the starting price of around 2-3 million EUR.

Earlier, the Vietnamese Embassy in France had working sessions with sides relevant to the auction of the seal. 

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