Radio - a century of informing, entertaining, and educating

(VOVWORLD) - February 13 is World Radio Day, which was first announced at the 36th UNESCO General Assembly in 2011, to honor and promote the role of radio in modern life.
Radio - a century of informing, entertaining, and educating - ảnh 1

According to Mr. Ngo Minh Hien, Vice President of the Voice of Vietnam, language diversity on radio plays an important role, helping people express their views in their own language. Today, radio is still the most accessible and attractive medium in informing and uniting people. In Vietnam, unique radio programs have become indispensable spiritual food for many listeners and increasingly attracted young people. VOV has renovated programs to meet listeners' demands, affirming its position and role in national development.

Radio - a century of informing, entertaining, and educating - ảnh 2VOV Vice President Ngo Minh Hien

Mr. Hien said: "Reporters and editors need to try harder, have creative ideas, and produce programs that can accompany listeners. More importantly, we must innovate to make radio more familiar, modern, and interactive to deliver information to listeners in the fastest, easy-to-understand, and most effective manner. We are very confident about the future of radio and the Voice of Vietnam which, throughout 80 years of development, has been and will continue to be a bridge between the Party and the people."

To mark World Radio Day, the Voice of Vietnam organized a radio writing contest for listeners with the theme "Radio - a century of informing, entertaining and educating". The contest attracted special attention from radio listeners and radio lovers with hundreds of good, touching articles expressing love for radio programs and broadcasters of the Voice of Vietnam.