Repairs to undersea cable scheduled to complete on July 7

(VOVWORLD) - Repairs to the Asia Africa Europe 1 (AAE-1) undersea fiber optic cable will be delayed to July 1 and expected to complete six days later, according to the managing board of the cable.

The undersea cable had a problem on its S1H.1 section on May 25, which caused disruptions to a part of services of  domestic telecom providers.

Repairing work was initially scheduled to start on June 22 and finish on July 13. Although the start date is postponed for eight days, repair time will be shortened. As a result, Vietnam’s internet connection with the world is projected to fully recover on July 7.

The AAE-1 is among important submarine cable systems of Vietnam alongside four others of the Asia-America Gateway (AAG), the Asia-Pacific Gateway (APG), the TGN-Intra Asia Cable System (TGN-IA), and the South-East Asia - Middle East - Western Europe 3 (SMW-3).