Russia deepens defense ministery reshuffle

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed Deputy Defense Minister Yelena Kozlova, who oversaw finances, and Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Chushkin, who was in charge of communications technologies. In an ordinance released on Thursday, Putin named Yury Borisov, the first Deputy Chairman of a Defence Industry Board, and Ruslan Tsalikov, Moscow region Deputy Governor, as replacements. Last Tuesday Putin fired Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and removed Nikolai Makarov from his post as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.

Russia deepens defense ministery reshuffle - ảnh 1
Russian President Vladimir Putin takes part in a meeting with small and medium business leaders at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence outside Moscow (Photo: REUTERS)

According to analysts, the swift dismissal of several senior officials has shown Putin’s determination for reforms. The Russian Defense Ministry has been severely criticized for rising unfulfilled weapon orders and rife corruption which hinders the army’s combat readiness and modernization.