Russian President sets conditions for resolving Ukraine crisis

(VOVWORLD) -Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a statement on Tuesday that the Ukraine situation can be resolved when democratic countries recognize the Crimean peninsula's decision to join Russia and Ukraine voluntarily refuses to join NATO.

Russian President sets conditions for resolving Ukraine crisis - ảnh 1Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: Reuters)

President Putin also demanded that the West stop supplying modern weapons to the current Kiev government, saying the most crucial point is a certain degree of today Ukraine’s demilitarization and Moscow won't allow Kiev to return to the nuclear status quo as the Ukrainian authority claim.

President Putin said Moscow would provide Donetsk and Luhansk with "appropriate support, including military" under a provision of agreements signed with these republics and approved by Russia’s Federal Assembly. Federation Council, the upper chamber of the Federal Assembly, approved the Russian leader’s proposal for the use of troops abroad. Mr. Putin said that Moscow's next actions will depend on "concrete situations developing on the ground."

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that it will soon evacuate staff of Russian foreign missions in Ukraine.

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