Seminar promotes Communist Manifesto

(VOVWORLD) - A seminar on the value of The Communist Manifesto, a 1948 political pamphlet by German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, to Vietnam’s renewal, was held Tuesday in Hanoi.
Seminar promotes Communist Manifesto  - ảnh 1

70 speeches at the event agreed that the Communist Manifesto embraces the quintessence of philosophy, scientific socialism, and political economics, and continues to be the guideline for Communist movements and international workers.

Proffesor Dr. Hoang Chi Bao of the Central Theoretical Council said: “The Communist Manifesto reflects the values of humanism. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are extremely appreciated for differentiating true communists from fake ones. The core humanist value of the Communist Manifesto is the identification of the revolutionary force, which is the working class. This class represents the advanced production force, and the development trend of history.”