Support for Central Highlands e-commerce

(VOVWORLD) -A program called “Central Highlands e-commerce launcher” will provide specialized training for small and medium-sized enterprises and business households in 5 Central Highlands provinces, according to the Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy.
Support for Central Highlands e-commerce - ảnh 1The signing and launch ceremony of the program  (Photo: Duc Duy/Vietnam+)

The program will be the start of intensive support for human resource development, knowledge training, consulting, and e-commerce development in the region.

Nguyen Van Thanh, Director of the E-commerce Development Center, elaborated on the program, “We support the business community in the Central Highlands in deploying sales apps, training employees, and providing basic and in-depth knowledge about e-commerce trading platforms. We hope to see online sales in the region grow rapidly.”

In addition to training sessions and seminars, online events were organized to promote e-commerce development and raise money to sponsor future e-commerce talents.