Syrian military continues to attack IS

(VOVworld) – The Syrian military continued operations targeting IS fortifications in Raqqa on Sunday. Raqqa is IS’s stronghold in Syria.

Syrian military continues to attack IS - ảnh 1

A man inspects the wreckage of a Syrian warplane that was shot down in the Talat al-Iss area, south of Aleppo, Syria April 5, 2016. (Photo: Reuters/Ammar Abdullah(

The army has occupied the Al Thawra oil field and is heading to the Western Tabaqua residential area, 10 km from the Tabaqa air base. On June 4th the Syrian army entered Raqqa following a large scale attack on the road connecting the towns of Athriya and Al Tabaqa, allowing it to control the vital roads linking Raqqa and Aleppo province.