Tran Temple Seal Opening Festival begins in Nam Dinh

(VOVWORLD) -The seal opening ceremony was held on Friday night, the 14th night of the first lunar month, at the Tran Temple Relic Area, Nam Dinh province.

Tran Temple Seal Opening Festival begins in Nam Dinh - ảnh 1The procession of palanquin seal from Co Trach Temple to Thien Truong Temple. Photo: Nam Dinh Newspaper

The rituals of incense offering, procession and seal opening were performed to pray for the people's happiness, the nation's peace and prosperity, educate the tradition of "drinking water, remember its source", and honor the Tran Dynasty, a glorious dynasty in the nation's history that ruled from 1225 to 1400.

The seal opening ceremony is a cultural practice for the king to make offerings to Heaven, Earth, and ancestors, expressing his gratitude to the mountains and rivers and his predecessors who built and protected the country.

The four words engraved on the seal are "Accumulating blessings without boundaries" that the Tran kings gave to the descendants to spread blessings and virtues to all people, teaching hundreds of families to maintain family style, discipline, and morality, so that your future fortune will be sustainable.

Nguyen Thi Nhu, Vice Chairwoman of Nam Dinh City People's Committee, said, “The Seal Opening Festival has great humanistic significance as it prays for "the country and the people's peace", "the world's peace and prosperity", and for all families to enjoy the blessings of the Tran temple’s seal.”

The incense offering ceremony to the Tran kings took place at Thien Truong temple, presided over by the People's Committee of Nam Dinh city. It was followed by the ceremony of carrying the palanquin, starting from the courtyard of Co Trach temple through the main gate to Thien Truong temple. Leading the way were five-colored flags, ceremonial music teams, seal palanquin and the palanquin of Saint Tran.

The seals have been distributed to the public from 5am on the 15th day till the end of the first lunar month with the hope for good luck and happiness.

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