Ukraine receives 1.5 billion euros in aid from EU

(VOVWORLD) - Ukraine received a new 1.5-billion-euro (1.6 billion USD) tranche of financial support from the European Union on Wednesday and hopes to get another 10 billion euros later this year, officials said. 

Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko said the EU, which has given Ukraine 31 billion euros, has become the biggest donor to Ukraine since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in February, 2022. The US, which has approved billions of dollars in new aid to Ukraine, is also an important donor. "International support is key to ensuring macroeconomic stability and building a foundation for economic growth," Marchenko said.

The same day, US President Joe Biden signed legislation authorizing 61 billion USD in military aid for Ukraine. Earlier, the US Senate approved an aid package worth 95 billion USD, including the 61 billion for Ukraine, 13 billion for Israel, and more than 9 billion for humanitarian aid to Gaza, Sudan, and Haiti.

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