US and Cuban Presidents hold historic talks

(VOVworld) - US President Barack Obama met Cuban President Raul Castro on Saturday in the highest-level talks between the two countries in nearly 60 years.

US and Cuban Presidents hold historic talks - ảnh 1
- Cuban President Raul Castro (left) and US President Barack Obama at the meeting on April 11 (Photo: Reuters)

President Obama said Washington’s policies toward Havana over the past 50 years are now out of date and ineffective. Obama suggested that they should put aside the past and begin a new page for the bilateral relations with priority given to opening embassies in each country. Mr. Obama also confirmed he does not think Cuba has any relations with terrorism and will do his best to remove Cuba from the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. Obama said there still remains some great differences between the US and Cuba especially in human rights and press freedom.

Cuban President Raul Castro stressed the need to have dialogue on issues related to bilateral ties. He said despite historical differences, Cuba is ready to move forward. He also highlighted the importance of re-establishing diplomatic ties, opening embassies and promoting exchanges between the two countries.