US announces new tariff hikes on Chinese imports

(VOVWORLD) - Some of the steep US tariff increases on an array of Chinese imports, including electric vehicles (EVs) and their batteries, computer chips, and medical products, will take effect on August 1, the US Trade Representative's office said Wednesday.
US announces new tariff hikes on Chinese imports  - ảnh 1Container transportation at the Port of Long Beach in California, the US (Photo: AFP/VNA)

President Biden will keep tariffs put in place by his Republican predecessor Donald Trump while ratcheting up others, including a quadrupling of import duties on Chinese EVs to over 100% and a doubling of semiconductor duties to 50%.

US Trade Representative Katherine Tai has recommended tariff exclusions for hundreds of industrial machinery import categories from China, including solar product manufacturing equipment.

In its response, China criticized the US's plan and said it would take "resolute measures" to protect its interests. China said the tariffs are counterproductive and harm the US and global economies.