Vietnam needs coordinated measure for agricultural reform

(VOVworld) – Agricultural restructuring has recently become a hot topic, said Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan at a workshop on agricultural creative reform in Danang city on Wednesday.

The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Dong Thap province, and the High-quality Vietnamese Product Business Association.

Quan said numerous programs were launched at central and local levels to restructure Vietnam’s agriculture in order to deal with the challenges posed by international integration. The sector in future needs coordinated measures to place the responsibility and fairly distribute the benefits among farmers, researchers, businesses, and the state. Greater investment in capital and technology is also necessary for agricultural restructuring, according to Minister Quan.

Vietnam needs coordinated measure for agricultural reform - ảnh 1
Science and technology will drive the agriculture move further. (Photo:

He said: "Even though Vietnam aims to become a modern industrial country by 2020, agriculture still remains the economic base. It plays a vital role in exports and occupies a large proportion of Vietnam’s economy. The current issue is how to restructure the agriculture sector. In addition to the state preferential policies, science and technology are decisive factors in production. Vietnam, from a country of rice shortage which imported rice, has now become a major rice exporter. This shows that appropriate policies, along with science and technology, will help this important sector to improve."

The workshop discussed agricultural mechanization, mechanical production for agricultural purpose, the cooperative moment, and new co-operatives.          

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