Western weapons fall in the hands of IS

(VOVworld) – On Tuesday, Amnesty International released a report which found that the Islamic State has built a substantial arsenal, including US-made weapons obtained from the Iraqi army and Syrian opposition groups.

Western weapons fall in the hands of IS - ảnh 1
IS uses many weapons produced in Europe (Photo: AP)

Amnesty International's 44-page report found that much of IS’s equipment and munitions comes from stockpiles captured from the U.S.-allied Iraqi military or designed and produced in 20 countries including Belgium, Russia, China, the US and some European countries. Patrick Wilcken, researcher on Arms Control said it was essential to have careful and long-term analysis to risk assessment and measures to limit weapon export to unstable regions. He stressed that countries should draw lessons from past failures and take drastic measures to prevent proliferation of weapons in Iraq, Syria and countries in conflict areas.