World cheers normalisation of US-Cuba ties

(VOVworld) – The international community has welcomed a historic move by the US to end more than 50 years of hostility towards Cuba and restore bilateral diplomatic relations.

World cheers normalisation of US-Cuba ties  - ảnh 1

Cubans celebrated the release of three high-profile prisoners who were serving sentences for espionage.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully extended his congratulations to US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro, saying the move is an important step forward for the US and Cuba, as well as the Caribbean region. 
US Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew said Thursday the US and Cuba will boost co-operation in tourism, trade, telecommunications, and developing Cuba’s private sector.
In a surprise announcement on Wednesday, Obama said he had instructed US Secretary of State John Kerry to begin talks with Cuba to restore their diplomatic relations, open a US Embassy in Havana, and send government officials on visits to Cuba. He stressed that both countries can promote mutual benefit, especially via cooperation in healthcare, immigration, counter-terrorism, and dealing with drug trafficking and natural disasters.
The same day, Cuban President Raúl Castro reiterated Cuba’s readiness to hold talks with the US to resolve their remaining differences in territorial sovereignty, democracy, human rights, and external policies.

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