LUVIT – “Make in Vietnam” smart lock

(VOVWORLD) - In the fourth industrial revolution, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, including smart homes and smart locks, are widely applied to life. Smart door locks have recently become a trend among modern consumers. The smart lock market is forecast to grow in the coming years as a number of companies in Vietnam began to expand in this market and launch Made in Vietnam products, including the LUVIT smart lock.

 LUVIT smart lock is a joint product between Lumi Vietnam JSC and Viet-Tiep Lock JSC, two big brands in the smart home and door lock industries. Entering the market last November, LUVIT is made by Vietnamese people, for Vietnamese people.
LUVIT – “Make in Vietnam” smart lock - ảnh 1Le Duc Phuong, General Director of Viet-Tiep Lock JSC (Photo: Zing)

Le Duc Phuong, General Director of Viet-Tiep Lock JSC, said: "Viet Tiep and Lumi cooperated to produce the LUVIT smart lock line entirely researched and produced by Vietnamese people. We will have complete control of product quality, providing customers with quality products and after-sales services. Repair and maintenance work also reduces costs."

LUVIT smart locks are more suitable for modern interior designs compared to traditional door locks. LUVIT is equipped with the ability to warn users of different dangerous situations. At the same time, LUVIT supports 24/7 remote management and can be integrated in smart home ecosystem. LUVIT’s parameters suit the most popular types of doors in Vietnam, whether they are made of wood or aluminum. LUVIT is the first made-in-Vietnam smart lock for aluminum doors, providing more options for installing electronic locks in Vietnam.

Duong Duc Tai, an R&D specialist from Lumi Vietnam, who is directly involved in the research and manufacturing of LUVIT smart locks, said: "The LUVIT lock version for wooden doors matches the door size in most Vietnamese houses in the past 20 years, making it easier to replace traditional locks into smart ones. The other version for aluminum doors has a more compact and slimmer size. The key element is the lock box made of grade 304 stainless steel that is highly resistant to corrosion and rust even in low humidity conditions. It also ensures high heat resistance and fire protection standards. The lock assembly is durable even in outdoor environments with harsh weather."

An outstanding feature of LUVIT is its intrusion resistance ability. The fact that LUVIT’s key information server is located in Vietnam and managed by Vietnamese people helps gain the trust of customers. Mr. Tai again. "LUVIT will automatically disable its locking functions whenever it detects a wrong password or fingerprint. If it detects locking or breaking the lock with external force, LUVIT’s loud speaker will be activated and its locking functions are disabled. LUVIT can be combined with other smart devices to create anti-theft alerts. LUVIT allows users to control and monitor its status on the phone. The history of opening, closing, and locking settings are fully saved, making security control easier. "

LUVIT – “Make in Vietnam” smart lock - ảnh 2Football player Hoang Duc from Vietnam national men's team is one of the first users of LUVIT smart lock (Photo: Zing)

Customers believe that LUVIT smart locks not only serve security purposes but also are a technology product suitable for young customers who love speed and simplicity. Football player Hoang Duc from Vietnam national men's team, one of the first users of LUVIT smart lock, said:, "I like the feature that alerts me when someone tries to break into my house. The lock’s audible alerts works whenever it is broken or detects someone trying to log in to open it. I like the convenience of LUVIT because it can be unlocked in many ways. I often forget my keys, so when I use LUVIT, I just need to unlock with my fingerprint or phone. My smart home devices connect well to the LUVIT smart lock. I also love LUVIT because this is a Made in Vietnam product."

The introduction of LUVIT smart lock meets the trend of modern living of the majority of Vietnamese people. Nguyen Duc Tai, General Director or Lumi Vietnam, said. "In the process of research and development, besides creating new products, one of the important tasks of us engineers is to grasp the technology of mold making, and creating hardware and software boards. From there, we will continue to develop better products in the future."



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