Art competition commemorates VOV’s 77 years

(VOVWORLD) - Hundreds of reporters, broadcasters, and staff attended an art competition on Monday evening, commemorating VOV’s 77th founding anniversary on September 7.

Art competition commemorates VOV’s 77 years  - ảnh 1A mashup by staff of VOVWorld wins the first prize of an art competition commemorating VOV’s 77th founding anniversary on September 7, 2022.

Thirty performances evoked love for the homeland, praise for the Party and President Ho Chi Minh, and VOV’s traditions.

"Sports and art competitions involving VOV staff from all across the northern region were a big success. I could really feel the vibrant atmosphere at this year’s events," VOV Vice President and Head of the VOV Trade Union Vu Hai Quang said.

The competition reminded VOV staff of VOV’s history and tradition throughout Vietnam’s resistance wars and renewal effort, and provided an opportunity to share experiences and tighten solidarity.

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