Book on Fidel Castro’s visit to Vietnam launched in Cuba

(VOVWORLD) - The book "Fidel Castro, Nuestra Sangre por Vietnam" (Fidel Castro, Our Blood for Vietnam) was launched in Havana on Wednesday by the Latin American News Agency, Prensa Latina, marking the 50th anniversary of the leader's historic visit to Vietnam.
Book on Fidel Castro’s visit to Vietnam launched in Cuba - ảnh 1The book "Fidel Castro, Our Blood for Vietnam" is launched by the Latin American News Agency, Prensa Latina. (Photo: VNA)

Speaking at the event, Luis Enrique González, President of Prensa Latina, highlighted that the book represents a collaboration between Prensa Latina and the Vietnam News Agency (VNA). The 76-page book features a collection of numerous images that symbolize a significant milestone in the relations and camaraderie between Cuba and Vietnam.

Fidel's presence in Vietnam exemplified not only personal courage but also served as a call to the international community to familiarize themselves with the cause of the heroic Vietnamese people, and was an expression of solidarity with their struggle, he added.
Le Thanh Tung, the Vietnamese Ambassador to Cuba, expressed his belief that this book would contribute to enhancing the young generations' understanding of the relentless efforts made by their predecessors in nurturing and fostering the relationship between the two countries throughout generations.
Vietnamese Ambassador to Cuba Le Thanh Tung said the book contributes to helping young Cuban and Vietnamese people to have a better understanding of countless efforts by their older generations to build and nurture the two countries’ relations which have been passed down generations to them.

Earlier, the VNA Publishing House publicized a bilingual a book recounting Cuban leader Fidel Castro's visit to the liberated zone in Quang Tri, a central province of Vietnam, during the war 50 years prior. The publication, entitled "Fidel Castro - Our Blood for Vietnam", commemorates the 50th anniversary of Fidel Castro's visit, reminding people of his famous proclamation, "For Vietnam, Cuba is willing to shed its blood."

The book provides readers with a deeper understanding of Fidel's special affection for Vietnam, the Vietnamese people, and President Ho Chi Minh.

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