National Volunteer Awards 2023 announced

(VOVWORLD) - 10 groups and 10 individuals were honored with a National Volunteer Award for their outstanding achievement by the Youth Union at a ceremony on Sunday in Ho Chi Minh City.
National Volunteer Awards 2023 announced - ảnh 12023 National Volunteer Awards honor 10 individuals with outstanding achievements. Photo:VNA

The award recipients stood out from more than 300 nominees across the country, according to the National Voting Council. Rapper Den Vau, one of the awardees, said, "this honor reminds me of the community's generosity, urging me never to forget to give back. I aim to promote the kindness of the Vietnamese people in my life and work.”

Outstanding individuals and groups received Certificates of Merit from the Youth Union and 5 million VND (about 200 USD).

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